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Ocular Immunology

The most common symptoms associated with uveitis are blurry vision and light sensitivity, often overseen given the subtle presentation. Sometimes, severe ocular inflammation and infection may mimic harmless conditions. As an uveitis expert consultant I always seek a prompt diagnosis aiming towards a full recovery and healing of symptoms.






Dr. Arturo Villarreal Villarreal

Professional Certificates: 6778028 / 9456182


Medical and Surgical Retina Specialist
Ocular Immunology / Uveitis Specialist

Academic Background

  • Ophthalmology - University of Guadalajara (2015)
  • Retina and Vitreous - UNAM(2017)
  • Ocular Immunology / Uveitis - UNAM(2018)

Dr. Villarreal is a Mexican ophthalmologist with double subspecialty. He is board certified as a medical and surgical retina specialist. His broad experience includes mastered management of retina detachment, age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and maculopathy (diabetic macular edema), among others.

Dr. Arturo Villarreal is also board certified as an ocular immunology specialist, completing his training in one of Mexico City’s more reknown eye hospital. His experience encompasses challenging diagnoses and great variety of difficult cases related to unknown, infectious and systemic conditions.

I took my mother to the doctor because she was already struggling to see as a result of diabetes and thanks to Dr. Villarreal, my mother can see much better and continues with the effect of the procedure he performed. The best ophthalmologist we have known.

Ernesto MolinaDiabethic Retinopathy

Excellent attention, is the best ophthalmologist with whom i've consulted, I felt a great relief to follow his recommendations, I highly recommend it.

IrasemaAlergic Conjuntivitis

His professionalism and preparation as a retinologist and uveologist. In addition to that I talked to patients who he performed surgery on and they recommended it to me a lot.

Diego B.Retina problems

I am very grateful to Dr. Arturo. I was cured of a macular edema with injections and my vision improved. Very kind and professional.

Edith G.Diabetic Retinopathy

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